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Fan Contributions (11 photos - add your own!)
Add your pictures, yo!

Operation: Surprise Clint (21 photos - add your own!)
His 30th b-day remained a surprise until he walked throught the door. A great success, thanks to all who attended! Add pictures if you were there with a camera.

Cool Live Pix (25 photos)
Yeah, these are downright chillin', villains!

Cool Acoustic Performances (9 photos)

Outdoor Concerts (3 photos)
Performances in the field... for real!

PHLUX Dead (wait, I mean, not live)

Fan Contributed Photos (11 photos - add your own!)
Sure, it's illegal, but it's also art.

Operation: Surprise Clint (13 photos - add your own!)
The Pary...

Merchandise (5 photos)
Pictures of fresh PHLUX produce.

Press (16 photos)
Press/PR about any and all things PHLUX.

Offstage (26 photos)

Sessions (8 photos)
Rehearsal, BZII.

Poster Art (17 photos)
Posters, flyers, handbills, fan designed collages, tour quartersheets, and more from many years of shows...

PHRIENDS (17 photos)
Assorted snapshots of PHLUX members with friends in their best, ahem, most candid hour(s).

Party Pix (27 photos)
Various Party Scenes. Were you there?

Halloween '01 (30 photos)
A big phat PHLUX party!

Halloween 02 (7 photos)
There was much drinking and maknig with the merriment.

New Years Eve '01/'02 (9 photos)
Big time partying at the Phipps compound.

The Instruments (11 photos)
Various instruments played by or for phlux.

PHLUX Vehicles (12 photos)
Our Intriguing Machines...

The Archives...

Fan Contributed Pictures (8 photos - add your own!)
Add your own pictures here!

Fan Contributed Pictures (54 photos - add your own!)
Add your pictures here!

THE MANY FACES OF JOTCH (11 photos - add your own!)

UMM PAC 2004 Spring Weekend (3 photos - add your own!)

PHLUX in Bar Harbor Venues (8 photos - add your own!)
Some shows in Bar Harbor...

The Gold Mine (2 photos)
Fun place to play, especially if you can get all your friends to come hang out.

Headliners (5 photos)
Hard rock club of illest repute...

The Blue Haven (5 photos)
This is an all ages club located in Wiscasset, ME. Fun time!

PHLUXSTOCK 2000 (39 photos)
The second annual PHLUXSTOCK show featuring 10 bands. 6.5 hours of rockin' original music.

Navy Base (16 photos)
Cutler shows.

Llamapalooza (12 photos)
Annual festival at UMM.

Friends Lounge (8 photos)

Washington Academy (8 photos)
W.A. September 1, 2000. Freshman initiation.

Portside, UMM (14 photos)
Countless PHLUX shows happened here in the band's inception and early growth college phase. Too many shows to mention, remember, and too many experiences to list.

Blacks Harbor, Canada Beerfest (8 photos)

PHLUX w/ guest musicians (9 photos)
A few shows where PHLUX called up special guests.

PHLUX Offstage (52 photos)
Some posed, some candid.

At the PAC in February 2001 (5 photos)
Here are a few pics from the killer show in February, 2001.

Blue Moon (4 photos)
Venue in Calais, ME.

PHLUXSTOCK '99 (4 photos)
Some pics from the first annual Battle of the Bands that Phlux hosted.

Machias High (4 photos)

2000 Practice Sessions (6 photos)
Working on new material in the cozy pink confines of BZII

PHLUX National Tour - Summer 2004 (10 photos)
Here's are some pix from the PHLUX National Tour, as promised! Enjoy, and keep your ears peeled for news about the release of the new album, as well as new shows! RoCk On!

March 2000 Recording Sessions (5 photos)
In the mixdown studios.

Harrington Fitness Center (2 photos)

Cody's Album Release Party (1 photo)

Pictures of the crowd (6 photos)
Here's you fans at different shows here and there. See if you can spot yourself!

AJ's, Independence Day Weekend 2k3 (7 photos)
A good time was had by all this weekend, and we caught it on camera to prove it!

PHLUX Outdoors (6 photos)
Outdoor Concert, 2005...

PHLUX @ Amer. Legion #9 (3 photos)
Rock in the country.

ACOUSTIC JAMS (11 photos)
Kickin' it unplugged.

Cody Live in NYC (4 photos)
Acoustic performance at St. Andrews scottish pub in New York City.

Photos from the Land of Yore (45 photos)
Damn, you really DO want to see this stuff, huh?

Press (9 photos)
Older Press Clippings...

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