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Intriguing Machine CD

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latest from the journal - december 7th, 2010

Pitch Black Ribbons

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"Pitch Black Ribbons," new acoustic project started by Phipps bros. - november 17, 2010
Clint & Cody have started a new acoustic music project called the Pitch Black Ribbons. There are new mp3s, videos, and more on the way. Check them out:

Pitch Black Ribbons

PBR on Facebook
Posted by
Cody on november 17, 2010

University of Maine at Machias Pop Band to cover PHLUX song! - december 7, 2007
UMM's pop band is performing their rendition of "Febuary," tonight at 8pm in Portside, which remarkably is one of PHLUX's first stomping grounds, and the school where many a PHLUX tune was penned. In fact, UMM is also where Clint and Cody met up with Stu! Some members of the band may even be in attendance to witness the event! The show is free and starts at 8pm.
Posted by Cody on december 7, 2007

New Links for Y'all! - november 19, 2007
Hey peeps! PHLUX has some new linx for you to check out! Under the "Other PHLUX Sites" heading, there's a link to reverbnation, and shoutlife. And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, there's a link to a new music myspace courtesy of Cody, the guitarist and singer/songwriter of PHLUX doing his own solo stuff - music ranging from acoustic to electronica, to rock, and even a little rap for good measure! Check it out! And while you're there, let him know what you think of the tunes... Peace out!
Posted by Cody on november 19, 2007

PHLUX Endorsed by First Act Guitars Emerging Artist Program! - may 2, 2007
PHLUX has been selected as an endorsed emerging artist for First Act Guitars. Look for cool instruments for PHLUX in the future...
Posted by Cody on may 2, 2007

New Song "Still You" becomes a music video... - march 7, 2007
Check this. It's a music vid of a new song by Clint, "Still You." Directed by Greta Wink of Possibility Pictures in NYC:
Posted by Clint on march 7, 2007


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