Here are a few links you should check out.

Other PHLUX sites (designed by PHLUX members)

Member sites that were around before P-net.

PHLUX Fan Pages and Sites

Made or know the URL to another PHLUX page? Put them here for all to see.

Cody's Guitar Lessons

This is Cody's Homepage.

PHLUX Gear and Hardware

The equipment PHLUX uses live and in the studio.
  • Fender - Cody uses Fender Guitars, Amplifiers, and Floor Monitors.
  • Carvin - Clint uses Carvin Basses.
  • Dean - Clint and Cody use Dean Guitars and Basses.
  • Ampeg - Clint uses Ampeg Bass Amplifiers.
  • Pearl - Stu uses Pearl Drumsets.
  • Morley - Clint & Cody use Morley Pedals.
  • Shure - Clint & Cody use Shure Mics.
  • AKG - Stu uses AKG Mics.
  • Mackie - PHLUX uses Mackie Amplifiers.
  • QSC - PHLUX uses QSC Amplifiers.
  • Soundcraft - PHLUX uses Soundcraft Mixing Consoles.
  • Duct Tape - PHLUX uses Silver Duct Tape.
  • Straploks - Clint and Cody use Jim Dunlop Straploks.
  • Dunlop - Cody uses Dunlop Electronics.
  • Latin Percussion - Stu uses LP Cowbells.
  • Pintech Electronic Drums - Stu uses a Pintech electronic drum set.
  • Roland drum sound module - Stu uses the Roland TD-8.
  • Boss Pedals - Cody uses Boss electronics.
  • Wah Footwear - Shoes matched carefully with wahs. Yes! Note: Dig the midi "Blackhole Sun" Runway Lounge Act music!!!

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Local Bands

Attention Indie bands of the area: stick your website link here.


Select venue sites where PHLUX has performed, will perform, or is interested in performing. See for yourself.

Music Sites

A variety of sites dedicated to spreading the word for musicians. Some are local, some are global. Put your favorite Music sites here.

Radio Stations Supporting Local Music

These are stations that have the foresight to promote and grant airtime to local and indie bands. If you know a few that play local music, add them.
  • WCYY - Portland music station in touch with the local scene. Listen to "Spinout", a show dedicated to music from New England bands.
  • WMPG - The Portland USM campus radio station. Music from all genres, including local indie. Tune in.
  • WMDI - Had some live phone inteviews here for PHLUXSTOCK '99. Cool Zappa show. CP Bros. played for the Zappa show, too.
  • WERU - Maine station run by volunteers and donations.
  • WUMM - The UMM campus station. No doubt a few PHLUX bootlegs are playing there.
  • WBLM - 102.9 100K watts of electric radio excitement. This is the classic rock station of Portland, Maine. THEY PLAY ZEPPLIN, DUDE! added by Clint Phipps
  • WFNX - 92.1 We don't really listen much to this station, but they've got some good coverage for southern maine. added by Clint Phipps
  • DC101 - This is the site for DC's rock station. The one that doesn't play any "soft rock", gives away concert tickets, and takes you live to concerts in the area. It's a pretty cool site. added by Amity Drossel

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Industry publications

The local music rag always has the best listings for bands and bars.
  • The Portland Phoenix - One of the local Portland rags where you can find out about the night life.
  • The Casco Bay Weekly - One of the original totally locally owned Portland paper for info on weekend enjoyment.
  • Face Magazine - One of the longest running local Portland, Maine music publications.
  • eGG Magazine - A msic Mag from Bar Harbor, ME.
  • It Rock Rag - Check out this website article from IT magazine on PHLUX written by Matt Morris... Rock on! added by Cody Phipps

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Get your fresh funny cartoons here! There's nothing like them! Going once, going twice...


Where do you buy, rent, or otherwise acquire musical gear 'round here? Check these cool links...

Pro-Artist Organizations

Organizations and Coalitions currently working to affect the future of your music and the futures of the musicians you enjoy.

Pro-Label Organizations

Organizations and coalitions affecting the future of your music and the future of the Record Labels' role in the music industry.

Musicians' Resources

Awesome Sculptures (& the Artists who make them)

This is a new category for friends of PHLUX who know cool sculptors and whatnot... ya, more later...

Luthiers, instrument makers, etc.

People who build instruments are just as cool (if not cooler) than those who play them. Usually, these cats do both. They are great pickers with a desire to build upon and advance the art of the instrument. That, or its just shear love and dedication to the idea and art of instrument building: making something with your bare hands that will bring years of joy to many many other people, both players, and listeners alike.
  • Jenny's Guitar - This is a guitar (and mandolin)luthier I know personally. The martin copy she made from scratch, essentially, is an exceptionally playable and beautiful sounding instrument. It has great tone and timbre, the dynamic range is astounding, and the playability and "touch" is exceptional. Not bad for her first guitar build... I look forward to the next. Anyone who wants to buy a beautifully handcrafted instrument would be happy with one from Jen, IMHO... added by Cody Phipps
  • 3D Modelling - Luthiers Automation (LA) develops 3D DESIGNS for musical instruments. We build 3D models of instruments such as Guitars, Mandolins, and Violins. added by webmaster

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