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PHLUXisms (64 total)

noun. from the roman II. A finger symbol held up by a girl named Beth to help us remember what we were doing in the middle of a certain song a long time ago...

n. from the latin bye-bye-we-miss-you's-us. A term for leaving. Meaning see ya, next time, bye bye baby, etc.

noun. From the latin word: "Beckemus Packemus" A phone conversation communication glitch - a conglomeration of Cody's girlfriend, and a pack used to store and carry beer into and out of BZ (I).

Big Monsta
noun. from the latin word: "Monsterus Maximus" Nickname for Clint. Given to him during a drunken party back in the Mike days. Yes, cheap vodka was gargled by the Big Monsta. (see Crop Circles).

Bizzotch (Beotch)
adj. from the latin word: "bitchemus maximus" Jokingly derogatory term used between band members and friends, akin to "bitch"

The Blasting Zone
noun. possibly from the latin word: "hottus doggus" The Original practice and recording location of the band PHLUX. The location has been used since Mike was the drummer, although the name originated after Stu took over as drummer. Location is known only by a select few...

The Blasting Zone II
noun. The second (and current) rehearsal/recording spot for PHLUX. Also of practically unknown origin.

Blasting Zone, The
n. Location of all things rock. Many spoofs and schmocks have met their "Bitter End" here. Famous hangout and recording spot of PHLUX and friends.

noun. Shorthand/nick for the Blasting Zone.

The Camp
noun. from the latin word: "de campemus" Smack Dab in the Middle of Nowhere; location as difficult to find as E. Bumfuck; as interestingly cramped as the shack. The Great Gathering Place of PHLUX and select friends. Most often used in summer.

p.n. Nickname of the great Sir Clint: it is said that the Valar bestowed this name upon him in the elventoungue in the second age of the world. Little else is known as the lore has been lost. Similar in era to Dirtituous.

noun. from the latin word: "codemanemus the guitarian" lead guitarist and vocalist of PHLUX. The girls fall into a trance when his gaze rests upon them. Rules the outer realm of Nod with an Iron clad guitar. Quite partial to blueberry apple pie.

Cottage, The
From the Latin "British sissy synonymus to shackus or campus": A rondevouz point for friends of PHLUX and Stu. A un-centrally heated non-plumbing-enabled camp in the middle of an undisclosed Methodist Campground. Almost uninhabitable unless it happens to be summer or spring. Similar is usage and image to The Shack and The Camp. Believed storage facility of Porkshire and The Great Totum Pole.

Crack Bib
Noun. From the latin word: "bibus de Rockus Crackus." Any of various drool prevention devices designed to curb problems associated with drool from rampant drug use. Porkshire is the ideal example of the Crack Bib.

Crop Circles
noun. from the latin word: "circlus de imprintemus" Lines burnt into open fields by drunken vomiting college students in tandem. (See Shoot Some Cows).

phrase. origin: Clintonimus. i.e. I gotta go to dafookinmallen work.

noun. all we know is: Poor, poor Dave. Too bad about that T.V. though huh???

The Deck 'O Cards
noun. from the latin word: "cardemus maximus" A deck of playing cards with all of the PHLUX song titles written on them. Used to produce the magic paper. Occassionally used at shows rather than the magic paper.

Delicate Rock
noun. Syn. Brutal Jazz. A musical form in the PHLUX style that combines complex elements and harsh noise to form a strange sound similar to a door creaking in the wind.

N. From the Latin "ground-up-rock-imus" State of Zen like awe regarding an event; Awesome. "That was sooooo dirtituous!!"

The Drunk Tapes
noun. Legendary. Tapes of many intoxicated parties and origin of many PHLUXisms.

n. the highest respect to a fellow Mon; to hold one in great reverence.

East Bumfuck
noun. from the latin word: "landemus of no fucking returnemus" Region of land (rumored to be located in way way Downeast Maine) in which no accurate landmarks exist; no accutate maps of the area have been charted. Extemely difficult to get in. Almost impossible to get out.

adj. From the Latin word: "Abso-fucking-lutely-us." Definitely; totally; absolutely.

Adj. from the latin phrase "Mostus Funnust" Meaning the most fun one can have within a wide variety of topic interests.

Funneriest Possition, The
Noun. From the latin phrase "Mostus Funnust spoteus Upsidownemus in the back seateus of the jeepemus" Meaning to sit in the middle of the backseat of the jeep, upside down with legs hanging out the back so as to better gaze at the stars whilst riding off the road in the middle of the woods at a god aweful hour in the night/morning.

Green Beer
noun. Alcoholic beverage for St. Patty's Day. May cause serious bouts of shooting cows.

n. Derivative: see Gregephant.

noun. from the latin Bigus Drunkus Gregemus. The state of Greg after tree chopping, tree dragging, fire starting, and beer drinking. Right before the hot dogs and smores...

Guitar Radar
From the Chinese "hoooggucheezauin suckasuckaboomchang wokchop": A 6th sense that Codeman is said to posess. The ability to find The Instrument in any structure or location.

Hole In The Ground
noun. from the latin word: "groundintheholumus" There were these mythical pyro nyphs. They hung out in a gravel pit. They burned a lot of stuff. They played with explosives. One bunch of explosives made a really big...

Library, The
n. From the Latin "Greatus Compendiumus": Mythical mountainous backlog/collection of PHLUX live performances. Purported to contain many unreleased improvs and full compositions.

Loose Rock
New Genre of music; what PHLUX plays.

The Magic Paper
noun. from the latin word: "mystimus barkemus" The Setlist used for various shows (see the Deck 'O Cards, The).

noun. from the latin word: "manamus" Zach's rastafarian term for "man."

Mr. Bojangles
From the latin word "fuzzalotinus" A perviously nameless teddy bear named simultaneously by Robyn and Cody.

noun. from the latin word "stupidus fuckus" derogatory term describing a person who commits an unintelligent act. Supposedly used initially in UMM dorms...

The Negative Album
noun. from the latin word: "de negamus tunemus compilatimus" The first full-length CD studio release from PHLUX. Recorded in the BZ (see also The Blasting Zone).

Out like Trout
To leave a place, situation, or discussion very quickly.

noun. unknown origin.... A continuous state of Rock & Roll.

noun. from the latin word: "continuous changemus deffinus" Saying(s) and term(s) found in this glossary.

noun. from the latin word: "continuous changemus sciencius" Any idea created or adopted by the members of PHLUX.

noun. from the latin phrase: "continuous changemus concertemus" An annual show designed and created by PHLUX that whomps ass every year. Get ready for the 3rd year: PHLUXSTOCK 2001: A Rock Odyssey.

verb. From the latin word: "nothingus to eatinthehouseimus." Activity enacted when condiments are the only foods left in your fridge, and ALL of the dishes are dirty.

adj. from the latin word: "pissus maximus" Stu's state of being supremely pissed off. Evolved around the same era as Rollfuck.

adj. from the latin word: "cashedemus" Tired. Wiped out. Empty. Done. Finished.

n. From the Latin: "Used to be Yorkshireus". Sublime caligraphy etchings; artifacts found to exist on limited-edition cookingware. Worn in the event of bitter cold evenings when one runs out of beer at the Cottage. See Cottage, The

noun. from the latin word: "do stuffemus" The PHLUXology that in order to really live, one must get out into the REAL WORLD and engage it proactively. Going to PHLUX shows is the greatest sign of Pro-Activity ever discovered.

From the latin word "penutbutterus". One of four food groups. Stix to roof of mouth. Makes singing hard, and burns down grass huts.

The Punk Ass Set From Hell
noun. from the latin phrase: "setlistemus de satanus" A set of PHLUX music performed at both the PHLUXSTOCK '99 and P2K shows which included: Rarity, Not Yet, Whisper, and Blue.

noun. From the latin root: puzzleus to-da maximus. The band member that has the responsibility of making everything fit in the truck when loading for a show. If a vital piece of equpment does not fit, the responsible band member must carry it on foot to the show.

int. from the latin word: "rockonimus" 1. You go, man. 2. Later, guys. 3. A mutated finger gesture halfway between the hand symbol for "I love you," and "Satan" where the thumb points out parallel to the pinky and index fingers. Oftentimes used in conjunction with Yadude.

N. (ME circ. 1978) To create the best possible atmosphere for our fans to have the best time possible listening to music.

adj./verb. from the latin word: "shitimus" The interminable problems that occur when round objects (such as drums) are placed in the back of any vehicle approaching high speeds...also having sex while in a log roll.

noun. from the latin word: "kindergartenus paintus coverus" Any clothing (expensive or otherwise) totally ripped to shreds in an act of drunken stupidy.

Sessions, The
n. From the Latin "Greatus Ruckus". Archival rare copies of selected PHLUX jams. Said to exist in limited quantities. Possible link to the Library. (see Library, The)

The Shack
noun. from the latin phrase: "shit housemus" Storage housing for drunken band members during the summer of '98. Supposedly the origin of various PHLUXisms including Yadude, Rockon, etc.; rumored to be the birthinghaus of many PHLUX songs.

Shoot Some Cows
Verb. From the latin phrase: "shootus dem cowsemus" To Vomit multiple alcoholic beverages into a plastic cup, carefully filling it to the top with expert precision. Or to vomit flourescent blue and green into the mouth of the almighty porcelain god (or occassional Phipps cooking pot). (Similar to Crop Circles).

n. "drumsticks to mallets transendimus inapinchimus" Extention used by Mike on a Legendary song by PHLUX. Small circulation of bootlegs of the song are said to exist.

noun. from the latin word: "Maximus Phatemus" Whomps ass on anything in his path, usually with long wooden or metal rods. Prefers to sit behind a fortress of wood and metal that makes a hell of a lot of noise. Using nothing more than eye contact and telepathy, Sur Tat is able to make girls do anything he wants them to do.

1. Term denoting the three independent musicians in PHLUX; more precisely, the independent mindset of the three members of PHLUX. 2. The coincidental meeting of 3 partiers dressed up like Indiana Jones at the 2003 Annual PHLUX Halloween Bash at BZ II. 3. The drunken act of putting three items into two or more containing items into which only 1 can fit: "I'm gonna frikkin' put threeindies!"

Whomp Ass
verb. from the latin word: "wompum poxteriumus" To kick the bejesus out of someone (i.e. "I whomped Evan's ass); to astound and astonish an audience (ex. "That band whomped ass!")

int. from the latin phrase: "right onimus" A term with multiple variant meanings: 1. Affirmative 2. I agree 3. Cool 4. I'm O.K. (See Rockon)

int. from the latin word: "yoh" Greetings. Repetetive use is allowed (i.e. "yo yo"; "yo yo yo")