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Independent rock. Music beyond the pervasive reach of corporate influence, free of artistic corruption inherently caused by contractual and monetary influences of the music industry. That's where we are right now. That is what we believe in, that is why we make music, and why after years of performing we are still unsigned and unbound. But. We are not some techno experimental wacko unstructured new wave band. Muzix by Phlux is catchy. It's groovy, it's hooky. We play what we like, we like what we play. None of us could ever get into that whole space cadet flowy non-melodic non-structured music thing. We grew up listening to the radio. We grew up watching a little MTV here and there. We grew up realizing that coherent songs were the ones that everyone remembered and liked, intelligent and poetic lyrics were what was passed on through the ages, and memorable melodies were what people hummed to keep the real world at bay. That is what Phlux has tried to create and play ever since it became Phlux (which was in 1993, by the way). We all live lives, we all get caught up in the real, the fantasy. We each are affected by the unexpected turns our lives takes, then we sing songs about them. We get hooked on good music. We play the music we like. So, to that end, Phlux plays whatever the hell we want to. We do our best to ignore the petty crap like, "Oh you guys play cover songs at your shows... around here we can only respect original bands," or conversely, "We only wanna hear Lynard Skynard and Bob Seeger and top 40..." We respect what came before and what else is out there. ...no, we LIKE it. We play it. We learn from it, and we have fun with it. If we feel like sharing what we like with the people listening to us, we feel that is a valid artistic expression of influences. If you're not interested, don't listen. Some record company isn't going to feel bad that you didn't buy our record. And we aren't going to miss you if you're not into it. See, we're music lovers. We love to listen to it and we love to write it. We can't identify with those who only want the old any more than we can identify with those who only want new. A strange combination of old and new make up the world. Walk down any main street and you'll see it. Listen to any rock song and you can hear the layers of history piling up on one another.

Speaking of history. Phlux has been a relatively cohesive group of musicians. The lineup hasn't changed since 1997 when Greg Angus joined the brothers Clint Phipps and Cody Phipps. That makes "us," "we," and "Phlux." Cody and Clint have been playing music since they were too young to talk. They, of course, went through several test runs of bands before they met Greg, who's since been dubbed StU, at college in Machias, Maine, of all places, one of the smallest towns in one of the poorest counties in the nation. Certainly, the place had some effect on the music, but none of us can tell exactly what that effect would be because whatever effect can objectively be seen in the music of the band, can probably also be seen in the members. Incidentally, the name "Phlux" had occurred several years before, 1993 to be exact, but the band went through a complete reworking when Greg appeared in a doorway one day with drumsticks. After "THE MEETING" it all sorta just fell into place, and the band played on. And after the reworking it turned out to be a pretty versatile band at that. Playing venues ranging from coffee houses to hockey arenas, and music from metal to funk to blues, Phlux has endured well over the years, even prospered. This is how it's worked, pretty much: Clint and/or Cody write the songs, then, if they're good, we all play the songs. Over and over. This refines the songs and solidifies the underlying melodic and thematic elements into musical compositions that work best in a live setting. Often, we painstakingly discuss the significance of single notes, and the effect that it has on the song as a whole... then in the live setting we ignore that note entirely and do whatever we want to, for, you see, by then we know the songs as if we were breathing them. We can taste them and smell them coming. It's strange, but sometimes you're playing a song everyone just feels like they have to play the note... right ... NOW. And it is good. You know?

That, in some semblance of an overgrown nutshell, is the story, workings, and philosophies of Phlux, or at least some of them. Of course it has progressed since 1997, the last date mentioned, and will continue to progress and change. For instance, the band moved south out of isolation and deeper into New England in 1999. An expansion. We will soon be finished with Skool and will be officially edyookated, ready to play music as a full time, if life's funny twists make it turn out that way. That will probably have an effect on our outlooks and will change us all once again. Age does that, they say, or maybe time does that and age is just a side effect. Who knows? Perhaps one day if things get desperate, we'll get ourselves a record company and be one of those so called "recording artists" we all hear so much about on MTV and the Radio. And we'll certainly then be blamed for "selling out" to "the man," or whatever. But hey. That's life. Don't blame us, blame whoever built this crazy screwed up music industry. That, of course, is another story for the rest of the 21st century. And till then we are independent and rock and independent rock is PHLUX.

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